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About Course

COURSE MISSION On completion of this online course, the participant should be able to contribute to the establishment of a culture of service excellence within the organization by providing superior customer service. The aim of this course is to introduce participants to key knowledge, attitudes and skills pertaining to Customer Service Excellence in the work environment. When you have completed this course, you will be able to define the key concepts associated with the Customer-Driven Organization and you will be able to: Understand the vital importance of the customer to any organization. See the value in having excellent service for both internal and external customers. Identify the factors that can prevent an organization from maximizing customer value. Understand how to critically look at the customer service levels and to establish if the organization is truly customer-driven. Identify different customer types and interact appropriately with them. Explore the values and attitudes necessary for excellence in customer care. Discuss their role and responsibilities when serving customers. How to handle conflict and difficult customers. List the benefits of setting professional service standards for the organization. Explain the importance of product knowledge in customer care. Receive and give honest feedback in order to learn from mistakes with difficult customers. Encourage team members to develop a self-critical approach. Identify obstacles to, and challenges within, customer service programmes. Apply skills and techniques necessary for effective customer relationship management.



Companies who pay attention to their human capital and have a customer-centric approach will be the most successful in the near future.

Frontline employees are the core of your customer service. They represent your product, services, and brand to the customers and ultimately influence customers’ satisfaction.



Our programme aims to sensitize employees on the value of customer service in day to day interactions with customers and set the tone for customer-centricity.  This helps employees to have a basic understanding of the importance of customer service in their roles of service.

Working with difficult customers, telephone skills, the customer value proposition and a customer-driven culture are some of the aspects covered during this training programme. It is important that all frontline staff within the organization take this programme since in a very real sense it is the frontline who produces the bottom line/profits.

What Will I Learn?

  • That hiring new employees and automatically assuming that they will know how to offer good customer service is a high-risk mistake that a lot of organizations make.
  • That in the eyes of the customer, the frontline staff essentially represents the organization/company. If a customer feels dissatisfied after dealing with one specific representative, chances are they will assume the entire organization is riddled with flaws.
  • That your frontline employees to a large extent affect not only your bottom-line profits but also the reputation of your organisation as they serve as brand ambassadors. In most instances, they may be the only point of contact that your customers experience your organization through and the impression they create will be what your company is known for.
  • Help frontline employees to have an appreciation and basic understanding of why customer service is critical for their personal development and successful business operations of their employers.
  • To understand the important role frontline employees play as the face of the company and brand ambassador.
  • How to deal with irate customers/guests and tough situations at work
  • The service worker attitudes that are essential in providing great customer service and Improve your interpersonal skills.
  • How to use positive language when speaking to customers.
  • Improve soft skills and general attitude towards serving others.
  • How to best serve customers and to develop a customer-first mindset as a frontline employee.

Topics for this course

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Module 1 – What is customer service and why should I care??

This module seeks to sensitize frontline/customer-facing employees on the important role they play in representing the company brand. It also aims to give them an understanding of the important role of customer service to business growth and their personal benefit. The module also seeks to ensure that frontline employees have a good understanding of what the phrase 'customer service' means or entails.
Welcome and how to navigate the course
Introductory Message
Why should I care about customer care?
The cost of poor service is substantial
Defining Customer Service

Module 2 – Creating positive first impressions- Personal hygiene and Image as part of the customer care?

This module covers the importance of being neat, hygienic and presentable when reporting to work on a daily basis. Seeks to emphasise the importance of self-care and feeling good about oneself on a personal level.

Module 3 – Emotional Intelligence and dealing with different characters (The 4 temperaments)?

This module seeks to give participants information on the various characters they may need to deal with on a daily basis and to highlight and emphasise the importance of emotional intelligence when dealing with co-workers and sometimes difficult customers.

Module 4 – Service worker attitudes?

This module elaborates on some of the critical service worker attitudes that frontline employees should possess. The module further seeks to relay the importance of carrying a positive attitude and mindset in the workplace and personal life.

Module 5- Customer service tips for frontline retail?

The module seeks to highlight practical day to day examples of good customer care. The module also contains voice messages directly from customers on what their expectations are when they visit a retail store. This feedback coming directly from customers can help retail employees to understand customers better and manage their expectations.

Module 6 – Customer service tips- frontline corporate.?

This module shares examples on how frontline employees in a corporate set up may begin to employ some simple examples of how to improve the customer experience when interacting within their office, phone or social media.

Module 7 – How to handle irate customers and challenging customer situations?

This module shares some techniques on how to deal with difficult situations and angry customers.

Module 8 – Telephone and email etiquette for frontline.?

This module seeks to share some of the basic behaviours deemed appropriate and or Inappropriate when interacting with customers via email and telephone. The module also shares ways in which organizations may create positive impressions with customers through these mediums of communication.

Module 9 – Empathy at the heart of customs care?

This module seeks to emphasise that the core of giving great service is in placing yourself in the customer's shoes. Feel what they feel and treat them as you would appreciate being treated given the same circumstances. This module seeks to bring out the importance of empathy when serving customers as it will help one to see things from the other person's perspective.

Module 10 – Going the extra mile to wow your customers.?

This module seeks to encourage the spirit of aiming to exceed customer expectations when transacting and interacting with them. Going the extra mile and helping others wholeheartedly has the potential to not only benefit your company but boost your personal brand and open growth opportunities for you within and outside your place of work.

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