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About Course

This course is designed to help you improve both verbal and non-verbal communication. It is also packed with techniques for improving the most essential administrative assistant soft skills and basic business writing skills as well as proper time management. It will help administrative assistants, secretaries and PA’s in performing their day-to-day tasks more confidently and professionally.


Whether working your way up the career ladder or running your own business, An Administrative assistant course could help you take that next important step.  Effective and efficient office admin lies at the heart of every successful organization.  By improving your business admin skills and expertise, you stand every chance of boosting your long-term career prospects.  As an administrative assistant or executive PA, you are responsible for a variety of clerical and organizational tasks necessary to keep your employer’s business running in an efficient, organized way.

Most importantly, a good attitude and a positive mindset is the key to success and it enhances the overall workplace environment.

What Will I Learn?

  • Communicate clearly, confidently and assertively.
  • Describe the importance and practice of good organizational skills.
  • Improve your organizational skills.
  • Manage your time more effectively and how to prioritize tasks in the workplace.
  • Enhance your business writing skills.
  • Recognize the importance of verbal and non- verbal communication.
  • Identify different types of essential administrative soft skills.
  • Recognize how to use appropriate email and phone etiquette.

Topics for this course

103 Lessons16h

Module 1: Administrative soft skills (communication skills)?

Module 1 – Administrative soft skills (communication skills) - Active listening - Verbal and Nonverbal communication - Essential Service worker attitudes - Basic Telephone Etiquette
1.1 Active Listening
About Active Listening
Listening and Hearing: They are not the same
Role Play example of active listening:
The language of caring communication
Body language says a lot
Tension Showing Actions
Changing Attitudes by Changing Posture
Tone of voice
1.3.1. Basic Respect
1.3.2. Reliability
1.3.3. Customer first mindset
1.3.4. Personalized Responsiveness
1.3.5. Resourcefulness
1.3.6. Positive Attitude
1.3.7. People orientation
1.3.8. Professional acumen
Basic Telephone Etiquette
1.4.2. Identify Yourself
1.4.3. Listen
1.4.4. Apologize for delays (even little ones)
1.4.1. SMILE!
1.4.5. Be Organized
1.4.6. Bring Energy
1.4.7. Sit up Straight
1.4.8. Focus! One Thing at a Time
1.4.9. Ask for Permission
1.4.10. Use Caller’s Names
1.4.11. Stay Professional
1.4.12. Avoid Buzzwords
1.4.13. Don’t Interrupt
1.4.14. Lose the Food, Drink, and Gum
1.4.15. End on a Positive Note
1.4.16. Be Positive
1.4.17. Be Cheerful
1.4.18. Never Hang Up Before Your Caller
1.4.19. Take Ownership of Call Transfers
1.4.20. Speak Clearly
1.4.21. Take Notes
1.4.22. Acknowledge Compliments
1.4.23. Thank People for Calling

Module 2: Getting organized?

Module 2 – Getting organized - Organizing your workspace - Prioritizing your workload - Staying on track - Dealing with email

Module 3: Effective time management?

Module 3 – Effective time management - Managing your time - Work breakdown structure - Maintaining schedules

Module 4: Professional business writing?

Module 4 – Professional Business Writing - Editing your writing - Proof reading

Module 5: Meeting Management?

Module 5- Meeting management - Keeping the meeting on time - Creating an agenda - Keeping minutes - Variations from large and small meetings

Module 6: Guidelines on confidentiality?

Module 6 – Guidelines on confidentiality - Your confidentiality duty - Being discreet and diplomatic - Keeping data secure

Module 7: Working with your manager?

Module 7 – Working with your manager - Taking initiative - Adapting to their management style

Module 8: Taking care of yourself?

Module 8 – Taking care of yourself - Dealing with a heavy workload - Stress management - Your personal wellness

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Material Includes

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Target Audience

  • Secretaries, Personal Assistants and Administrative Assistants